Autumn Camp Canada

Autumn Camp Canada

Are you looking for a totally unique job this autumn? Whether you’re currently a camp counsellor, or want to spend a few months working in the beautiful Canadian wilderness, USIT’s Autumn Camp Canada programme gives young adults (18-33 years) the chance to travel to Canada to work at the best camps in the country for 4-12 weeks.

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Programme Overview

Camp isn’t just a summer tradition for kids. Canadian camps open across the country in the autumn, and they’re looking for great staff to lead activities, run the show, and make camp an unforgettable experience. You’ll have the same awesome job as a camp counsellor, but with a lot of extra benefits.

If you already know what camp is all about, or you’re just looking for an adventure this autumn, our Autumn Camp programme offers the opportunity to have the summer camp experience in a new setting. It’s designed to give young adults the chance to participate in a Canadian tradition while gaining teaching and leadership skills.

As the sticky Canadian summer turns to Indian summer, camps re-open with a unique range of sports, games, and activities geared for autumn. Just like summer camp, counsellors live in cabins in the Canadian wilderness- but unlike summer camps, they live in staff quarters and have most nights off. Counsellors work directly with campers and other counsellors teaching different skills and leading activities, but they also have some of the roles of support staff (closing camp, raking trails, and painting cabins). Camp is a hard job, but you’ll also spend lots of time on the beach, around the camp fire, and having unforgettable adventures with new people from all over the world.

USIT’s Autumn Camp Canada programme allows young adults (18-33 years) the chance to travel to Canada to work in camps across the country for 4-12 weeks. After all- autumn is the new summer!


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